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I've been a rover. I've toured the USA, Canada and Europe. I was raised and currently reside in Seattle. I return regularly to Nashville and Europe.

I've done dozens of different jobs to keep my music and songwriting alive. To name a few:  Drywall, tour guide, ESL English tutor,  beekeeper, college baseball umpire, used car salesman and a hired dog walker.

"6" draws on these experiences and displays my craft in  organic guitar and vocal simplicity.

Not only is the EP "Anericana with a passport"  but it deals with the complicated affairs of the heart.

            My latest EP  "6" for your enjoyment. 

 These six new songs capture the essence of my craft.

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           Track list w/lyrics links

1. Mine at Twenty

2. The Box

3. I Don't Want to Go Home

4. 20 Mile Road

5. Wishing On a New Moon

6. He's Still Got Game
Thanks to those who are pivotal to my project:

Don Gunn, Recording and Mixing at The Office (Seattle).  He takes great pride in his work. Not only is he prepared and competent but he has great ears and a comfortable studio. 

John McCaig , Mastering at panicStudios (Seattle). Approachable and thorough. Only canines are supposed to hear what he hears. 

Shaun Hubbard, Design  (Seattle). Long time friend, graphic designer and 'catch and release' enthusiast.

Richard 'Hank' Byington (Seattle). Hank was a bandmate  from 'The Clank Brothers' as well as a  writer, videographer and percussionist. Hank impacted each song with structure, rhythm and melody. My good friend passed away February 27, 2012.  The sound of his silence is deafening.

      Songwriter     Poet    Performer     Travel Guide 

                ESL Tutor     Videographer     Blogger     


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