"I know of no one more persevering and deserving of musical success than my old friend and fellow bandmate, Herr Clarko Snyder." - Pat Garvey, Austin
"Looking at the world through Clark Snyder's eyes and songs, you see a delicate and wacky place.  Clark is Daffy Duck doing yoga.  Always a surprise, always unique!  We give him four thumbs up."  - Pat & Pete Luboff, Nashville 
"In the short time I've known Clark I've found him to be a true-blue genuine guy and a reliable and great friend.  He's got a unique and interesting slant on life in his songs and in his living.  And, last but not least, as a singer, well, Clark is a fascinating tunesmith and the genuine article."  - Tom Pallardy, Nashville
Clark Snyder is a storyteller, poet and a published songwriter. He began performing professionally at the age of twenty and has since toured across North America and Europe. He has slept in forty-seven states, five Provinces and lived in Europe for the better part of a decade.

Along with song writing, Clark is intrigued by the nuances of poetry and the spoken word. A fairly new resident to the area, he is enjoying family and friends around Gig Harbor and Kitsap County. He still keeps strong ties to Nashville and Munich.

Clark collects stories of success and setback. Avocations as a college baseball umpire, beekeeper, tour guide, short-order cook and ESL instructor add richness to his writings. He is inspired to recite tales of bravery, history and the human quest for love and happiness. His many travels give his writings a unique and often humorous flavor as he observes the time and tide of life.

Clark  has written songs covered by dozens of artists and wrote the song “Hubcap” which received radio play internationally. He is currently working on publishing a book of poems. 
"Americana with a passport. Clark's music is Folk without Birkenstocks, Country without a truck and Rock without a Marshall amp. "  - Alice Springs, Australia
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"Part Waylon Jennings, part Gordon Lightfoot. Part John Prine, part Tom Waits. Clark Snyder is another one of those accomplished lyricists who knows how to take the mundane imagery of the modern world and make it seem somehow timeless…somehow poetic" - Brad Linzy, News 4U Online 

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