Not Your Grandfather's Folk Duo
The Clank Brothers 
Imagine melodic percussion on top of thumping guitar. Mix crafted orignal songs with selected "guilty pleasure" cover tunes. Add sweet harmonies on top of a deep, gruff baritone. Include tall tales and humor. That's the sound of Clank!

Expect an anything goes performance from The Clank Brothers. Able to switch across multiple instruments in a single bound, The Clank Brothers put their own eclectic spin on a combination of original songs and lesser known cover tunes. A blend of energy and humor make The Clank Brothers not for the faint of heart.

With decades of professional performance experience, The Clank Brothers can't be placed in any particular genre box. Think of them as two original musicians playing "The stuff we like." 
Clark and Richard bring together a wealth of experience having performed across the U.S. and Canada, Europe, and the Pacific Rim separately. 

Richard is a sought after session man, arranger and producer. Though a percussionist first, Hank is accomplished on guitar, bass and on most any instrument he picks up.

Songs written by Clark have been recorded by dozens of artists and receive worldwide airplay. He has being featured on National Public Radio, USA Today and at the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.

Clark Snyder and Richard "Hank" Byington are The Clank Brothers  


            Our good friend Hank passed away February 27th, 2012

No better person have I had the honor to be with. Hank was highly intelligent and looked at life deeper than I could ever fathom. 

He was a devoted father. He kept the home fires burning for his son Daniel when his wife Jill passed away two years earlier.       

He was The Clank Brothers better half. Literally. Hank made every song better, as he had a unique ear for rhythm and melody. 

Hank was a superb drummer and arranger. Hank also was an avid photographer, videographer and writer.  

I'm the lucky one. I still get to hear Hank every time I strum or tap my toe.

But the sound of Clank is no more. Only silence for a friend and a talent called away too soon. 

Until we meet again my friend, Clark

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The Clank Brothers