September 2006
Munich Clark - Your Guide
Clark's September Gallery of Beautiful People
September 4th:  Linderhof Castle. What a nice group and what beautiful weather. We had a good day.
Quiz winners with their coveted prize.
Getting ready for Oktoberfest. September 16 - October 3
September 5th:  Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria.  What a great day. We were a group of 74. This was my bigest group ever to Salzburg. Thanks for the nice day.
September 6th:  Linderhof Castle.  We were a very multi-culti group from all over the world. This world is full of good people. Thanks.
September 7th Linderhof Castle. We were an english speaking group today. It was an easy day because I didn't have to do the tour in German. It's a good time to be touring right now. It's nice weather with fewer crowds.
September 8:  Linderhof Castle.  BRRRRR !  The weather changed. Cold, damp and not too many of us were prepared for the coolness. But we didn't get wet and a few people bought some sweatshirts. Thanks for the nice day!
Winners of the geography quiz. Scholars they are.
September 9th:  Linderhof Castle.  This was a tough day for all of us. We hit a traffic jam. We got a little behind schedule. I lost a guest in Oberammergau and we lost more time trying to find him. We didn't have enough time to relax for lunch and the shuttle buses to Neuschwanstein were late. But the weather was nice and I was with so many nice people. PS: The lost guest re-appeared on the bus back to Munich.
September 10:  Linderhof Castle. Sorry for the shadow in the picture. We had a lot of time at Linderhof which was nice for a change. A very worldly group we were. Thanks.
September 11:  Linderhof Castle. Nice weather and a nice group. I have a good job!
Our Geography Quiz winners.
September 12th: Royal Castle Tour. I wasn't able to organize a proper group picture. We got stuck in traffic and we had to rush more than I like to. This was my biggest group ever with 85 on board. Thank you all for a hard but great day. You were a fantastic group.
Joe, our Geography Quiz winner
September 14: Linderhof Castle. Another great day but I worried about rain. I guess it's my upbringing in rainy Seattle to blame. We were a great group. Thank you.
Shy and reclusive Dick Allen - our Quiz winner.
September 15th: Innsbruck. It was a beautiful day to see the Alps. We were a small group. I had an easy day with some nice people. Thank you.
Human statue next to the Golden Roof.
Bringing the cows back from pasture.
Quiz winners Gavin & Jo and the Hayes couple
September 16th: Neuschwanstein
A great day it was. It was a full bus ad everyone was on time and having fun. We had a surprise with the parade of cows thru Hohenshcwangau.
September 17th: Linderhof Castle.  It was mostly a good day with some beautiful people. A down note was that it rained in the afternoon and a young girl broke her ankle. Shehad to go to the hospital. It was the first time in 3 years that I didn't bring everyone back from our Royal Castle tour
    Quiz winners.  Smart and pretty.
What a great combination. Congratulations.
September 18th: Linderhof Castle. What a cool group! There were just 34 of us. I had a great day. It didn't rain at Neuschwanstein as forecasted. We had luck. Thank you!
      Team Omaha: Quiz winners.
(Thanks for letting us pick on you Stu or Dave or whoever you are :)
We rode in style on the FIFA Australian World Cup team bus
September 20th:  Linderhof Castle.  A beautiful late summer's day it was. We were an international group and it was a pretty easy day for me. Thank you all for coming.
September 21st:  Linderhof Castle.  Another great day. We were a large group as well. Your guide was at Oktoberfest the night before. But we did just fine. Morning did come early though.
September 22nd:  Linderhof Castle. Oh my gosh - a rainbow!!! A pot of gold right there in the middle of a beautiful group of travelers. Summer ends in brilliant sunshine.
September 23rd:  Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria. It was St. Rupert's fesitival days in Salzburg. The town was busy. The weather could not have been nicer at Lake St. Wolfgang. Thanks.
September 25th.  Linderhof Castle. What a great group! The rain threatened but didn't impact the day. Thank you for a nice day!
Team Sweden
Team Australia
Quiz Winners
September 26th:  Linderhof Castle. Unfortunately we saw a little rain. But the clouds hanging on Neuschwanstein were pretty. It was another easy day with nice people.
Bill's birthday
Jackie and David - Quiz winners
Anne and John were so kind to write me.
September 27th:  Linderhof Castle.  We were English, Spanish and Japenese and one beautiful Italian couple.  The weather was bad. There were quite a few hangovers and jet laggers today as well.
September 28th:  Linderhof Castle. We were just a terrific group! As good as it gets for a tour guide. Interesting and thoughtful people we were. Thank you.
The newlyweds get the single bottle of water.
The month ends as the warmest September since 1904. It was a great month. Thank you all for coming!
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