October 2006
Munich Clark - Your Guide
Clark's October Gallery of Beautiful People
October 1st:  Linderhof Castle.  The weather wasn't so good but the people were great! Savvy travelers have fun in all kinds of weather.
Team Hurricane's Quiz winners
October 2nd:  Linderhof Castle.  This was a very social group. The weather was warm and the Neuschwanstein was beautiful in the early stages of fall colors.
Mr Robinson - 91 years young.
Team Guggemos - Quiz winners
October 3rd:  Linderhof Castle. We kept the rain away until the ride back to Munich. It really dumped. Oktoberfest ended and there seems to be less hangovers :)
October 5th:  Linderhof Castle.  Brrr!  4 Celsius in the morning. There is a fresh dusting of snow in the mountains. Fall is here. This was a great group as well.
Just married.
Three Musketeers - Quiz winners.
October 6th: Linderhof Castle.  A great groupThere were so many interesting people. We needed more time together. Thanks for the nice day!
Quiz winners - Team Norway
Just married.
October 10th: Linderhof Castle. Nothing went according to plan today except for the fantastic weather. The Autobahn was shut down and we had to scramble all day. Thank you for your flexibility.
Just married. Congratulations!
Shy and reserved Deanie  - a winner!
Team South Dakota - winners!
Runner-up.  Monaco, Monaco Monaco
I am taking most of the rest of October off.  I leave for Seattle and Nashville on the 1st of November. Thanks for a nice October.
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