May 2006
Munich Clark - Your Guide
May Day: The Maypole is a tradition here in Bavaria. May 1st is a holiday and celebration. These are pictures of the mounting of the new Maypole in Oberführing, Munich.
Upright . White/blue Bavarian colors against white/blue sky.
Maypole ready.....
May Day with friends in a beer garden.
Maypole dance.
Clark by the band
Clark's May Gallery of Beautiful People.
May 2nd: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria. This group had everything - humor and a good attitude along with pretty ladies and gentle men. The sun shone on Mozart and Johnny Cash. What a nice day!
May 3rd: Linderhof Castle. You couldn't ask for a nicer day or nicer people.
We were 71 persons from around the globe. Thank you for coming!
Newlyweds Lori and Egg from Tampa on the left and Jim and Michelle from Costa Mesa on the right.                                                                  Congratulations!!!!
May 4th: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria. We had beautiful weather and magnificent views. Your guide was challenged by arithmetic, but we all made it back. Thanks!
May 5th: Berchtesgaden. It was a great day, especially since we went to a  destination most of us hadn't planned on. I told you we would have fun :)
May 6th: Linderhof Castle. 70 guests pooled their luck and mojo and kept the thunder, lightning and rain from drenching us at Neuschwanstein. Thanks for a nice day!
May 9th: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria.  It was a bit cold and breezy but we somehow escaped the rain. We all had a good time. Thanks!
May 10th: Neuschwanstein: After parking the bus, we were all starved and ready for lunch. There were 70 of us. I was doing quite a bit of herding but our flock all returned back to Munich. We were a  "Multi-Culti" group from all over the world.
May 11th: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria. It was wonderful weather and 23 of us had a beautiful day in Austria. Thank you all!
Modern art in Residenze Square.  Ugh!
Thomas our driver waiting for us.
May 12th: Berchtesgaden Salt Mines. Thank you for such a nice, relaxed gracious day! For me it was like a family drive in the car.
May 13th: Linderhof Castle. We were a nice mellow group enjoying what turned out to be a sunny day. And then my partner's bus broke down and they hitched a ride back with us. Thanks for being so cool!
My apology to all of you who felt slighted by the fact that your guide Clark did not wave anything in the air for our group to follow.

You had no umbrella, flag nor a wonderful flower (see picture) to help you navigate. It is a wonder that you found your way.

I am working on glueing a Beerstein to a stick to hoist high above my head. But I will likely attract too many unknown thirsty travelers
May 16th: Lake St. Wolfgang. It was nine of us on tour. Three from Norway, two from Hong Kong and four from the States. We drove thru a bad storm coming home but we arrived safely thanks to driver Jeanette.
May 17th: Rothenburg. 36 of us escaped the rain clouds for a sunny, warm day. The yellow canola oil fields were in full bloom along the way. Thank you for a nice day!
May 18th: Linderhof Castle. We had a nice day. We were 67 travelers from 5 continents. The weather hung on to be pretty nice as well.  Thanks for coming!
May 20th: Linderhof. We visited Neuschwanstein first and the weather was great. But in the afternoon at Linderhof we got wet. This was a great and flexible group. Also we had a great group of students downstairs. There is hope for the future!
May 21st: Linderhof Castle. This was a wonderful group. We were the first of three buses leaving Munich. We were first to arrive at each destination and thus avoided any crowds. It was a nice Sunday.
May 23rd: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria. We were 33 travelers today. The weather was comfortable. This was a very social group and I enjoyed talking with everyone. Thanks!
May 24th. Neuschwanstein. This was an unusual day. I was never able to get the whole group together at one time. I was close at Linderhof but I was afraid of omitting some of the people getting off the bus last.
Alas. I have some incomplete photos of a beautiful group of people. Thank you for coming!!!
My 24th: Upstairs of a big double-decker bus worth about  750,000 €uro
May 25th: Linderhof Castle. 90% rain was forecasted but we didn't see any until we were out of Linderhof. I had a nice day with a great group.
May 26th: Swarovski, Austria. The Alps were beautiful all day. It was another day where my group escaped a bad weather forecast. Thank you for coming!
May 27th: Linderhof Castle. The weather was little rough in the morning but in the afternoon at Neuschwanstein castle it was better. It was a good day for me. Everyone was on time, the women were beautiful and everyone made it up to Neuschwanstein.
May 30th. Linderhof Castle. Can you believe it? Snow !!!  It was cold but nothing was going to stop this group. Tough travelers they were!
I'm not kidding. Snow on May 30th.
May 31st: Linderhof.  We saw all four seasons today. It was still very cold with snow mixed with sunshine. We had a great group of students from the St. Louis area as well. Have fun!
Fresh snow at Linderhof on May 31st.
So ends May in snow and cold. June will bring the World Cup and Beergarden weather.
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