June 2006
Munich Clark - Your Guide
Clark's June Gallery of Beautiful People
June 1st: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria. What a wonderful day. No, the weather was cold and damp. But our group was so nice and positive!  Thank you for a nice day!
June 3rd: Linderhof Castle. It was a multi-culti day with many from Spain and Italy. Everyone made it to the castle. The weather cooperated as well. It was a nice day.
June 4th: Linderhof Castle.  For a 90% rain forecast, we were very lucky. It is still unseasonably cold though. We had some ticket mix-ups but nothing rattled this group. Thanks.
June 5th: Linderhof Castle. This was like a vacation or a family reunion for me. It was a great day! Carey and Jason celebrated his 30th. Thank you all !
June 6th: Lake St. Wolfgang. This group deserved better weather. It was wet and cold in Salzburg and on the lake. A tough and positive group we were. Thanks for coming.
June 7th: Linderhof Castle. A rare occurance was SUNSHINE!!!!! We were 65 beatiful people. There were some wonderful kids along too. Whoever brought the weather.....thank you!
Cool fountain, cool hair.
June 8th: Lake St. Wolfgang. There was unshine and scenic beauty in Austria. It was just a relaxed day with a bunch of fun loving people. Thank you!
The fire department blocked our loading area. A pan overheated in the bakery. it was an awesome response though.
June 9th: Berchtesgaden. It was just a great day! Everyone was happy and on time. We had a nice view from the Eagle's Nest as well. There was still a lot of snow up there which caused some surprise for the sandal wearers. Some nice young men were on board as well.
Gene and Donna from Minnesota  - they survived three tours with Clark
June 10th: Linderhof Castle. It is finally summer! We had a full house today with all 83 seats in the bus filled. Everyone was courteous by being on time. It helped make the day extra special. Thank you!
I had a few days off.  We had wood delivered. It was dumped in the driveway and we couldn't get the car in.
So my leisure time off consisted of sawing, stacking and eating. 

Mia & Lili
June 15th: Linderhof Castle. It was really warm today. This was a very multi-culti group. Everyone was on time and considerate. We had a great student group from Maryland. The future is bright.
A couple days off
Back to work
My great Japanese guests
Football fans from Brazil
The cool guys from Chile.
The beautiful and fun Aussies
My quiet French woman
June 17th: Neuschwanstein Castle. There were 81 of us today. It rained hard in the morning but the weather was ok by afternoon. It was really a nice day for me. Thank you.
June 18th: Linderhof Castle. We left early from Munich with 41 great people and we stayed ahead of the crowds all day. It was 30C or 90F which is pretty warm for here. Thanks for coming.
June 19th: Linderhof Castle. We were a World Cup crowd. Australia was heavily represented. But so was the US, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and England. 73 of us had some hot weather and a good time.
"The Sound of Strings" group from Duluth, Minnesota performed at Neuschwanstein Castle.
June 20th:  Lake St.Wolfgang, Austria. 50 travelers enjoying some really warm weather on the lake. It is funny how some days the vibe of the people is so positive. This was one of those days. Thanks.
June 21st: Linderhof Castle. In the morning it was wonderful and sunny warm. Who would have thought that the skies would open and a powerful rain storm would hit while we were at Neuschwanstein. Sorry about that. I am from Seattle, after all.
June 22nd: Linderhof Castle. Deja vu all over again. Sunny and nice all morning and then a sudden rain storm at Neuschwanstein. We were a savvy bunch that went with the flow. Thanks.
June 23rd: Linderhof Castle. A very excellent group were we. It is a rare day when everyone on the bus speaks english. It felt like I was "back home" again. Thank you all very much.
June 26th: Linderhof Castle. Bad photographer but a great group. A bunch of really energetic, fun loving guests. The weather held out as well. It was hot but no rain. Thanks.
June 27th: Neuschwantstein Castle. Who could have predicted it? 20 minutes after this sunny photo was made, a rain and thunder storm hit us just as we were about to head up to the castle. This was a tough bunch.
June 28th: Rothenburg. A nice small group off to see the beuatiful town. We rode in style in a FIFA football bus with "The Doctor" as the driver.
Jue 29th: Linderhof Castle. This was a great group with some "characters" on board.  Monaco?
Notice the nice weather here. Look below to see the afternoon forecast.
June 30th: Berchtesgaden. We didn't have much of a view but everyone was gracious. Thank you. Germany went on later in the afternnon to a great victory over Argentina in the World Cup semi-finals.
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