July 2006
Munich Clark - Your Guide
Clark's July Gallery of Beautiful People
July 3rd: Linderhof Castle. What a terrific day! What a great group! It was a pretty easy day for me. Thank you!
4th of July: Linderhof Castle. Good news/bad news. It was a great day with wonderful and intelligent guests.  The weather could not have been nicer. Too bad Germany lost to Italy in the last minutes to be eliminated from the World Cup.
July 6th: Linderhof Castle. It was one of those day. One hour in a traffic jam and then a massive thunder and hail storm as we were going up to Neuschwanstein Castle. Sorry about that.
July 7th: Linderhof Castle. There was rain in the morning but it cleared up pretty well by afternoon. There were 58 of us and it was a good day. Thanks.
July 8th:  Linderhof Castle. There was a lot of rain in the morning. But the afternoon at Neuschwanstein was relatively dry. We had a mix of old and young and guests from 6 continents.
July 9th:  Linderhof Castle. It was warm and nice. We had a few raindrops in the afternnon but nothing big. Tip: Be careful taking a trip with a guide from rainy Seattle. The weather follows him.
July 10th:  Linderhof Castle. It was a lovely day. There were so many
interesting guests. It was a great day for me and I hope for my group
as well. Thanks!
Togo World Cup Team bus.
Our bus for the today's tour.
July 11th: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria.  I am on a roll. The nicest people in the world keep coming with me on my tours. Thank you all very much!
Lake St. Wolfgang.
July 12th: Linderhof Castle.  30C or 90F = very warm! There were so many people who showed kindness today.  I thank you all very much for a nice day.
Bill & Wendy
25th Anniversary
July 14th: Linderhof Castle. It was a great day except for the torrential rain that hit us just as we got back to Munich. A great school group from Oregon was 21 strong along with some great people, nice guys and pretty ladies.
Fred and Joan: 45 years together. Congratulations!
July 15th: Linderhof Castle.  There was a threat of rain but it never happened. We were a multi-cultural group. Everyone was so considerate and friendly. Thank you for a nice day.
July 17th: Linderhof Castle.  The weather was a beautiful as the people. I had a great time. Thank you all.
July 18th: Linderhof Castle.  We were 56 travelers from all over the world including Troop 21 from St. Louis. It was nice weather and the castle at Neuschwanstein was packed with people.
July 19th: Linderhof Castle. It was a busy travel day today with three of our buses going to the castles. Of course I had the best group. It was a picture perfect day. I was a little scattered but it all worked out. Thank you all.
July 20th: Linderhof.  The nice weather and the wonderful guests just keep coming. We had a nice day. It was about 96F by the end of the day.
July 21st: Berchtesgaden.  We had a beautiful view from the Eagle's Nest today.We were a great group of people. The Autobahn backed up on the way home so we drove the backroads home.
July 24th: Linderhof Castle. It was hot and the scenery was beautiful. This was a terrific group. I really enjoyed the day. Thank you.
July 25th: Linderhof. I have made many trips here this month. But each group is different and there are always amazing people. Thank you for a nice day!
July 26th Linderhof Castle. We had a terrific school group and a whole bunch of really bright, savvy travelers. It was hot. But it beats rain.
Frau Amy with Birdsboro PA group.
David Nelson: Winner of coveted bottle of water in Clark's Geography Quiz.
July 28th: Berchtesgaden. It started out as a normal day with blue skies and warm weather. We arrived at the Eagle's Nest just as a violent thunder storm was mounting. A direct hit on the Nest knocked out the elevator. Our group was scattered between the Eagles nest, the parking lot and Obersalzberg. We all made it home safely thanks to a terrific and intelligent group.
A sudden weather change.
July 27th: Linderhof Castle. Thanks to Lorne, Gail and Linda for our group photo. My camera died. We had a pretty nice day didn't we?
July 30th: Linderhof Castle. There are a lot of people at the Castles these days. We glided thru pretty easily with sunshine. A nice day. Thank you.
July 31st: Linderhof Castle. Another great day. We had a group from Anchorage and a bunch of cool people. The month of July ended on a high note.
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