August 2006
Munich Clark - Your Guide
Clark's August Gallery of Beautiful People
August 1st: Salzburg.  Well, this month has an odd start.
I forgot my camera but our picture of the day is being emailed to me.
The weather was pretty bad as well.
Then we got pulled over by the police for a random check. After 40 minutes we were rolling.
The heat wave here in Bavaria is over.
August 2nd: Linderhof Castle. It was a great day except that the bus had a problem and we split up into two buses for the trip back home. I hope the couple from Hong Kong got to the plane on time.
August 3rd: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria.  Ladies and gentlemen, this was the most miserable weather I have ever had on a Salzburg trip. You deserved better. Getting home an hour late due to traffic seemed to cap off the day perfectly.You were a very tough and gracious group. It's easy when the sun is shining and everything is going your way. This group had character (and some characters).
I'm taking a couple of days off. Maybe my luck and the weather will change.
August 7th: Neuschwanstein Castle.  Actually the weather cleared and it was a pretty nice afternoon. This was a really nice group. Thank you.
August 9th: Linderhof Castle. The weather wasn't so good in the morning but it got better in the afternoon. It was the busiest tourism day of the year so far but we sailed theu without a gitch.
August 10th: Linderhof Castle. This was a multi cultural group.  The weather held out and didn't rain until we were on the bus going home. A nice day. Thanks.
August 11th: Bus to Neuschwanstein.  It was a great day. Not everything went as planned. I couldn't get a good picture of the group because of rain or crowds. Thanks for the good times.             (Right click a picture to save it).
The weather is not very nice right now. Rain and cold.
August 12th: Neuschwanstein. There were Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin languages on board and not one native English speaker.
                                  It was a fun and interesting day.
August 13th.  Linderhof Castle. See the sunshine. That would change later. But this group was undaunted. Everyone talks about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it :)
August 14th: Linderhof Castle. It rained again. It was an extremely crowded day at Neuschwanstein. We saw some crazy people. It was a real study in human behavior. Our group survived. Not sure about the others :)
With all the rain and chill, I caught a cold.
    I'm taking a couple sick days.
August 18: Innsbruck.  Ok, I'm back from being sick. We were a nice group on a mellow day in the Alps. Notice the sunshine. It has been a rare occurrence.
August 19th: Dachau Memorial Site. I didn't really think it fitting to have a smiling group picture here.
It is not a nice place.
August 20th: Linderhof Castle. We had rain and sun and more than a little excitement with this very cool group of travelers.
Later in the day....we had a little mechanical difficulty. We supplemented our tour at a truck stop. All at no extra charge to our guests :)
August 21: Linderhof Castle. We were a multi-cultural group this day. What nice and savvy travelers we were. Yes, it rained again. But no complaining was heard. Thank you.
August 22nd: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria.  It was a great group. Many were with me the day before at the Royal Castles. The weather was not so good in Salzburg. But it was nice at the lake.
August 23rd: Linderhof Castle. It was a beautiful late summer's day. Some very cool people were aboard. We had a great day in many languages.
August 24th: Neuschwanstein Castle.  It was nice and sunny about 1:15 pm. An hour later the weather changed. Hailstones pummeled everyone. It was very scary and dangerous. This group wins the "Courage" award.
Sing along with me, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas................."
August 26th: Linderhof Castle.  We were a rather small group of 42.  Twelve languages were represented. Nice weather and nice people. Thank you.
August 29th. Neuschwanstein.  Ladies and gentlemen, this was one of my hardest days as a guide. I lost people. I found them.Then I lost others. We didn't have proper time for lunch. There were a few "chronologically challenged " as well. Somehow we made it all back to Munich. We never had an organized group picture. So this will have to do. Thank you for your patience.
August 30th: Rothenburg. It was just a great group. The weather was cold and wet but the beauty of the town won out over the temperature. Thank you!
And so ends the coldest August in recorded hisatory. I have burned my umbrella in protest. Those of you who joined me deserved better weather. But you showed your mettle.
                                                                   Thanks, Clark
August 31st:   Linderhof Castle.  A good day for all of us. We were a very nice mix of people from all over the globe. Also newlyweds were on board.
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