April 2006
Munich Clark - Your Guide
April 1 Linderhof Castle: It is still winter weather in the Alpine foothills. This was a nice, mellow, multi-culti group on April Fool's Day.
April 2nd: Rothenburg on the Romantic Road. The weather wasn't bad and the drive was easy sailing. I met some neighbors from Seattle, a beer expert, a Texan and 11 Turks, two sassy Kiwi's and couples from Moscow and Lithianian. Oh, also a Chinese couple from America. A good day!
Clark's April Gallery of Beautiful People
April 3rd: Berchtesgaden Salt Mines. What a great group. Two Aussies, two Brits and the State of Georgia were in the house for a good time.
April 4th: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria. No rain but it was a little chilly. There was ice on the lake for the nice family from Tennessee. I also enjoyed the women and lovely daughter from California and our teacher from Alberta. A beautiful baby girl was wonderful all day also! Deter our driver made us remember Johnny Cash.
April 5th: Linderhof Castle. And later the snow hit. It was a winter day but this was a tough bunch of 60 people from all over the world. Inset is a view of Neuschwanstein.
April 6th: Salzburg and Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria. On the bus were guests from Australia, Thailand, New Jersey, Japan, Chicago and Florida. We saw fresh snow and the weather was pretty good. Brilliant!
April 7th: Linderhof castle. It was cold but very sunny. There was new snow and a terrific view of the Alps and Neuschwanstein. It was a wonderful day highlighted by the school group and teachers from Sweden
April 8th: Linderhof Castle.  We had the most beautiful sun drenched spring day. This was a great mix of travelers. Thank you for the nice day! There is still lots of snow.
April 9th: Linderhof Castle. Rain was forecasted but we escaped it though it was a very cool  and cloudy day. The day was highlighted by very bright guys and lovely women. languages today were Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese and English.
April 10th: Berchtesgaden Salt Mines. We had a nice day. 90% rain was forecasted but not a drop fell until we were almost home. Thank you all for being with me!
I am off for the rest of April. My son is getting married in Seattle and I'm headed there. I'll also finish the artwork and the mixing for my CD.
                              See you May 2 in beautiful Bavaria.
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