2008 September
Clark's Beautiful September People
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Welcome to September and the beautiful people that you are.

I hope you had a nice day with me. It was my pleasure ! 


September 1st: Linderhof Castle
What a great way to start the month! We were 77 stalwarts from around the globe. Many were here for the Cardiologist's conference. We got lucky with the weather and we had a nice time. Thank you!
The gardens at Linderhof.                                   Team Hungary wins the geography quiz
September 2nd: Linderhof Castle
We were a big group with many doctors from around the world. We got lucky with the weather.Thanks for coming!
                   Quiz winners Team Alec
Team Poland-Romania-Belgium-Hong Kong
The swans were a popular attraction

Elliette planning a better world
September 3rd: Neuschwanstein
It was a great day with 81 cool people. Punctual and courteous guests are always fun. Nice weather too !
A view of Hohenschwangau                               Team Milic                                                         Team La Jolla
September 5th: Neuschwanstein
Nice weather. Nice people. No rush. On time. It was pretty much a perfect day. Thank you!
  Just Married !!!                                                   Team Morehouse / Love win the geography quiz
40 years together! 

Flora fountain at Linderhof
September 6th: Neuschwanstein
Another great day. Ten different languages were aboard. In September it is a little more relaxed. We were today, anyway.  Thanks!
Quiz winners: Team Gockerman from Chicago                          Team Lanzarone
                                                                                               (Fabio, Gabrielle, Riccardo & Giuseppe) from Palermo
"Daylight - turn right"
September 8th: Neuschwanstein
It was a great day. We were a small group coasting thru a calmer tourist time. Thanks for coming.
Quiz winners - Team München                      Team Sweden                        Linderhof Castle in all its beauty.
September 10th: Neuschwanstein
I took our photo on the run as we head to lunch. We were a very large, international group. We were also punctual and upbeat. Come back, you are welcome anytime.
Hohenschwangau and Alpsee.

                                                Team Nico / Flavia  and Team Maypole

September 12th: Neuschwanstein
It was a big nice group today. Spain, Russia and Japan were in the house as well as China, France, Italy, Malasia and a few others. Thank you for coming!

Big skies over the lakes.  Alpsee, Swansee and Forgensee
September 13th. Neuschwanstein
It was very foggy and chilly today. Luckily it wasn't raining. The fog rolled in making for a "dreamy" atmosphere.
Bringing the cows in from the hills for the winter.

Mary's Bridge in the fog..
Team Sylvester
September 17th: Royal Castles
This hanging bicycle in the morning was an omen for my day to come.
I didn't get a picture of my group.
I left a pair of  very late women at Neuschwanstein and they had to come back by train.
I also lost 30€ somehow.
No one tipped.
But there was a fresh dusting of snow in the Alps. Oh well......
September 19th: Neuschwanstein
It was a nice group of many pre-Oktoberfest revelers and some folks just getting out of town before the craziness. They had good service and nice weather and a few showed their thanks.

Team Hiller wins the quiz.                                                         Low clouds over the valley.
September 20th: Neuschwanstein
It was a great group on the opening day of Oktoberfest. Multi-kulti and most all were very considerate. I had a couple guys back from past tours Nice to see you again. Thanks for coming, all of you.
Two doctors onboard tend to a young woman from Brazil who face-planted running to the bus. Thank you for your help!
Team Taub wins the quiz in a hard fought contest.
September 22nd: Neuschwanstein
75 great people were aboard today. 90% chance of rain and not a drop fell. It was just an easy going day. Thank you all for your great attitude and energy.
The Goddess Flora fountain at Linderhof Castle

               Swans at Linderhof

Team Alomar wins the geography quiz
September 24th: Hotel Müller - Neuschwanstein
Another great day! At least 10 languages were represented. The weather held out but it was a little chilly. Autumn is here. Thanks for coming.
The Flora fountain erupts at Linderhof.

A view of Alpsee, Schwansee and Hohenschwangau castle.
September 26th: Neuschwanstein
Great people keep rolling thru Munich during Oktoberfest. This group was fantastic as well. It was a pretty easy day for me. Thanks for making it so!
Quiz winners:   Team Walker                                                                         Team Praha

                          Team Awesome                                                             Cows being herded thru the streets
September 27th Neuschwanstein
For me, tt doesn't get much easier than today. We were a collection of some very savvy and energetic people. It didn't rain and the crowds were thinner than expected. Danke!
Quiz winners: The Donoghue Clan                                      Runners-up: Team Phillipines
September 29th: Neuschwanstein
What a nice group. I felt like Uncle Clark on a road trip with family. It was a beautiful autumn day and fantastic people. Thank you.
30 years together and enjoying the occasion with their sons. Congratulations!
Team Two Aussies - Daryl & Leonie                QUIZ WINNERS!!!             Team Minnesota/Botswana
Happy Oktoberfest!
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