2008 October
Clark's Beautiful October People
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Songwriter and Travel Guide featured by             
                         Clark Snyder

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Welcome to October and the beautiful people that you are.

I hope you had a nice day with me.
It was my pleasure! 


Thanks for coming!
October 1st: On the road - Neuschwanstein
Bottom and top of our double-decker bus. Rain was forecasted. We got lucky!
                      Autumn colors.
Mary's Bridge.
Hohenschwangau with Alp lake and Swan lake behind.
Neuschwanstein Castle.
Team C.S. (Canan & Serkan) win the Geo quiz
October 3rd: Neuschwanstein
The weather cleared up in the afternoon for our visit to the castle. Some groups distinguish themselves by taking the weather in stride. This was one of those special groups. Thank you very much!
               Team Cal-Tex                                                                                   Team Everett
                                                 Quiz Winners
                 Team Kiwi                                                                Team WORST (for getting every answer WRONG)
   Team Hungary                                                                                      Swans in Autumn
October 4th: Neuschwanstein
Rain was forecasted but we got lucky. We were a very international group with guests speaking 10 different languages. Everyone had the correct time on their watches except the front row. The fall colors were beautiful and lunch was good.
Anna & Erik: Just married!                                                                  Quiz winners: Team Russia

                                                                  A dusting of snow mixing with the fall colors.
October 6th: Neuschwanstein
We were only 29 onboard but it was a party for 100. What a fantastic bunch. And the fall colors were incredible. Thank you for coming.
The fall colors are fantastic this year!
Geo quiz winners: Team DUH

                                                                                                  Junior division winner: Team Sarah
October 8th: Neuschwantstein (on the hill above)
It was my last day of the season. It was fantastic weather andI spent the day with beautiful people. Thank you all!
Ian and Sarah were special guests of mine.
Three groups win the honor of getting the geography quiz correct.
That's all for this year. I am going to record a new CD and see my grandchild - Theo.

As long as the money holds out, I will be doing music.

Don't be afraid to help the cause. Download a song or buy my CD -Clark