2008 May
Clark's Beautiful May People
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Welcome to May and the beautiful people who joined me. It is my first month back at work after a winter of music. Check out the photos!
May 1st: Neuschwanstein
68 fantastic people were with me today. A few were time challenged, but we all got back. Rain was forecasted but it was dry and often sunny. Happy May Day!
The Mice roar to victory in the geography quiz.                                  A view to the valley.
May 3rd:Neuschwanstein
This was the busiest day of the year so far. We were 34 Italians, 18 Japanese, 6 Portuguese speakers, 6 Russians, 5 from Spain, 3 from Quebec and no native English speakers. It was a fantastic day!
A view of Mary's Bridge and the upper courtyard.
May 4th:Neuschwanstein
This was my first predominantly English speaking group of the season. And a fine group it was. We enjoyed nice weather with a very courtious group. Thank you all for coming!
89 years young, I'd say he has earned his water. Coming down the hill, he left most of us behind him
Having a bad travel day? Try being hearing impaired while travelling thru a foreign culture and language. I would hope I could have half the grace of this couple.
May 8th: Neuschwanstein
Beautiful weather! Beautiful people. I had a pretty easy job today. It was fairly calm at the castles in anticipation of a 3 day weekend.
Quiz winner:    Team Swiss and Team Africa. Congratulations!
May 10th: Lake St Wolfgang, Austria
The weather, the scenery and my group today: It doesn't get much better than this. It was a great day. Thank you all!
Quiz winners: Paul & Cheryl's Excellent Adventure                       An interesting singer in Salzburg
                          Ducklings                                                                         Seattle neighbors
Friends: I am taking a few weeks off. Why?????

Theodore Jayden Snyder- my new grandson born May 13, 2008 to Ty and Jane Snyder
Yumiko Osaragi of Vienna sent me this nice picture of her parents and me. Thank you!
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