2008 June
Clark's Beautiful June People
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Welcome to June and the beautiful people who joined me. I just got back from a trip to the U.S. to see the new addition to the Snyder family.

Thanks for coming!

June 10th: Seattle
I was on holiday for a month. "Big-T" and "Little-T" Snyder and mama Jane were the reasons. I don't feel old, I feel good and proud!
June 13th: Neuschwanstein
A 90% chance of rain could not stop us from sailing thru the day warm and dry.
We were a fantastic group!
Congratulations Alaska newlyweds!         A view of Hohenscheangau castle and Alpsee
June 14th: Neuschwanstein
62 of us in 12 languages had nice weather and a flawless day. Thank you for coming!
Team North Carolina wins the quiz and the water
June 16th: Eagle's Nest
What a great group. We really had fun. The view was pretty bad however at the top. I tried to make it clear up. This group deserved a vista view. But they were gracious enough not to let the lack of it spoil their time. Thank you!
We had two couples celebrating their 25th wedding anniversaries. Congratulations to Louisiana and Michigan.
June 18th: Neuschwanstein
It was pouring rain in Munich as we left. The 81 guests with me were lucky though. We stayed dry at Linderhof castle and we actually saw sun at Neuschwanstein.
Quiz winners: Team Barber and Team Siniscal                                    Newlyweds from Kuwait
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June 20th: Neuschwanstein
It was a great day! We were a fairly small group of nice guys and beautiful women. Thanks for coming!

Team Atl-Ballas wins the water. Genius was aboard the bus.
June 21: Neuschwanstein
It was a beautiful sunny day, We were a group with a great mix of languages all finding a good time.
Team Chris and Mimi                                                  Team Global

                    It was a first in my tour career. 4 groups won the quiz.

Team Princess Christine                                                              Team Cole

June 23th: Neuschwanstein
There was a threat of lightning in the afternoon so we came to Neuschwanstein first in the morning. We stayed dry the entire day, with just a few raindrops at Linderhof Castle in the afternoon. Terrific group. Thanks
Congratulations! Two newlywed couples were aboard.
Team "Super Bugs" win the water.                        Amy and Emma brought the party with them.
June 25th: Neuschwanstein
We were 80 persons strong. It was a beautiful day at the castles. Many languages and backgrounds were onboard. Thank you for a nice day.
Two teams win the quiz: Team Tonseth and Team Strunk                                  Happy Anniversary !                                                                  
June 26th: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria
We weren't sure what weather would befall us. It started out raining in the morning but we got lucky as the day went on. This was a nice group!
A view of Salzburg                                                              Winners: Team Golden State
June 27th: Eagles Nest
It is always nice to get a view from the Eagle's Nest. Bad weather was forecasted so we raced up the mountain to catch a view. We were successful. Lunch however, was a disaster. Sorry about that!

It was a great day though. Thank you all for sharing your day with me.
Quiz winners from Team Ukraine,  Team Commonwealth and Junior winner with Team Wisconsin.
June 28th Neuschwanstein
Nice group picture except for the couple stumbling thru it on the right. It was a great Saturday at the Castles. Nice people and I might add, generous. Thank you for a great day.
Team Clark wins the water.                                           Almost 21 years old
So ends June. It was a nice month. July will bring many changes for me as I expand into other touring and teaching opportunities.
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