2008 July
Clark's Beautiful July People
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Welcome to July and the beautiful people who joined me.
The weather was very strange this month. One day it's sun and the next, rain.
I hope you had a nice day regardless of the weather.

June 10th: Seattle
I was on holiday for a month. "Big-T" and "Little-T" Snyder and mama Jane were the reasons. I don't feel old, I feel good and proud!
I am touring a little bit less this month. I have some intensive teaching assignments.  Plus, I am writing for my next album that I plan to record in the fall.
                           So every group this month is especially special.
July 5th: Neuschwanstein
What a great day! This picture was taken outside on the steps to the restaurant Hotel Müller. We were a small group speaking numerous languages. Thanks for the nice day!
Swans at Linderhof Castle                               Herding cows by bicycle
Geography winners: Team Arizona                    Team Singapore                      Team Schlichting
July 12th: Neuschwanstein
The weather was nice in the morning at Linderhof castle. However the afternoon weather turned ugly. There were a few unhappy guests but most of us made the best of the day.
Quiz Winners:  Team Woking, Team Newport and Team San Francisco
The Coburn's were kind enough to write. Thanks!
July 16th: Linderhof Castle
It was a really nice day. Great weather and fantastic people. There were 77 of us coasting thru a great day in Bavaria. Thank you!
View of Hohenschwangau                        Quiz winners: Team Grace                        Just married!
July 18th: Neuschwanstein
Just before lunch, this is where we park. Our driver Erol is in the background waving. It was nice weather until the time we came out of the castle. It wasn't that bad though. It was a very polite and multi-cultural group. Thank you.

Team 4 Mexicans                                         Team Antipodes

                  I went broke awarding water to the quiz winners.

Team Alabama Leprechauns                                               Junior winners

July 19th: Neuschwanstein Castle (in the background)
Today was a lot of fun! There were lovely ladies, scholars and more than a few "characters." It was nice weather for a pretty savvy bunch. Danke!
My apologies to you all for not being a guide waving a flag, umbrella, sunflower or a furry animal impaled on a stick. This guide kept his tour group's colors flying proudly all day.
Team U.K wins water.
Guitar player David from "Medicine River Boys" sitting behind.
Here are some great photos sent to me by Javier Luján Cruz from Valencia.                                     Gracias!
July 24th: Neuschwanstein
Pick a language - it was likely represented on my tour today. What great weather! Nice people! And at the time of this photo -  they were HUNGRY! Thank you all for a nice day.
You, my friend, are a gentleman!
Team Seiler wins the water
After work, Augustiner Biergarten with friends
July 26th: Neuschwanstein Castle
It was a pleasant Saturday until a thunder storm hit. We stayed pretty much dry but it was a storm that hit very quickly without much warning. It was a tough group and the weather didn't seem to bother them too much. Thanks!

The coming storm.
Team "4" wins the water.                                      Holden's mom doing what a mother does.
July 28th: Neuschwanstein Castle
The day started out a little bit confusing. We had thought we had the need for two buses but instead only one. I got to work and my friend and guide Charlie got to go home. I am glad I worked. It was a great day. The weather was threatening but we were ok. Thank you for coming.
This was the threatening sky. But we were lucky.
Team Robert wins water.

Team "It's Not Monaco" gets 2nd place.
The Princesses along with Stephen and Aussies.
July 2008 is history. I met so many nice people. Thank you all for coming!

You likely met Erol - The best driver in Europe. Thanks for getting us there safely.

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