2008 August
Clark's Beautiful August People
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Welcome to August and the beautiful people that you are.

I hope you had a nice day with me. It was my pleasure ! 


August 1st: Neuschwanstein
Ma group today covered every continent except Antarctica. We enjoyed great weather and a relaxed day. Thank you!
My lone native English speakers from Texas.
Quiz winners: Team Mexico City
A marriage at the castle
August 2nd: Neuschwanstein
It was actually kind of a crazy day. To be honest, there were some real characters on-board. That' a good thing. I had a lot of fun today despite doing a little bit of herding. The weather held steady and a good time was had by all.

Quiz winners: Team Fry                                    The walking wounded from L.A.
North Carolina Girl Scouts who financed their trip selling and working hard.
Luke was in 7th Heaven with the 7 from N.C.
August 4th: Neuschwanstein
Sometimes it is hard to assemble everyone properly. It happens when we don't have parking, if the weather is bad or if we are late. August is a busy time at the castles. But this group sailed through the day without problems. Thanks for coming.
Why didn't YOUR guide have a cool flower?
Ryan and Erika return to where he proposed marriage. They are still going strong!
Team Mac / Stroop win the geography quiz.
                                                                                      August 6th: Neuschwanstein

This is how we line up getting ready to enter the castle.                Getting ready to head back to Munich

I didn't get a proper picture. With 78 people and no parking space on arrival, sometimes It's all I can do to hand out the tickets, answer questions and get hungry people to lunch. You were a good group!
Stella and Liuba                                    Team Swiss and Team Vancouver win the geography quiz.
August 9th: Neuschwanstein
We had rain in the morning at Linderhof castle. But luck was with us in the afternoon. This was a great group - polite, on time, savvy and there were enough characters to make it interesting. Thank you all.

Quiz winners. Team ED and Team Rich & Michel.                         We had our very own knight aboard as well.
August 11th: Neuschwanstein
It was the busiest day of the year. We lost a little time in Oberammergau so we had to rush a bit to eat and make our tour time at the castle. Notice the sunny weather at the time of the photo.
The line to buy tickets was at least 100 yards.

The Gathering Storm: It hit us without much warning. But we prevailed!
August 13th: Neuschwanstein
Yet another busy day at Bavaria's biggest attraction. We had rain in the morning at Linderhof castle but the afternoon was spectacular.
Team Clark wins the quiz.                                                               Swans at Linderhof
Connor and family were special guests today. Courage and grace lives in this nine year old girl. Please visit her site.

August 15th: Neuschwanstein
It was a great group today but it was also miserable weather. You couldn't see the castle from Mary's Bridge! 78 guests from 6 continents and NO complaining! Thank you!
It's a rare summer day when guest can't wait to get back to the bus. It is the height of the tourist season as shown by our 3 double-decker buses with a combined capacity of 240 seats.
August 16th: Neuschwanstein
It was a 90% chance of rain but we enjoyed a beautifully sunny day. We managed to get everyone back home to Munich. I wasn't certain that was going to happen. It was a great day!
The rivers and streams were very high after 24 hours of rain.  I had my raincoat and umbrella with me as well. I misread the forecast, obviously.
August 18: Neuschwanstein Castle
It was such a pretty day. In the morning it felt like autumn but in the afternoon it was all summer. Only 35 of us coasted through a busy day. Thank you!
A great view of Lake Forggensee. It is man-made to catch snow runoff. It is drained in October.
The Gopher's Team team win the quiz . Smart and pretty wins the water.

Team Australia in the background made a great effort, but Africa as an aline country knocked them out of the race :)
Junior division quiz winner -Team Michel
August 20th: Neushwanstein
Sometimes it is hard to get us all together. It was the busiest day of the season and the best I could do was get tickets into hands and to hope for nice weather.
August 22: Neuschwanstein
It was interesting today. 35 Italians, 20 Spanish and 20 Japanese guests on an extremely busy day. I was more shepherd than guide, but we all had our tours and we all made it back to Munich.
The view of Neuschwanstein as we approach.                               Erol, the best driver in Europe.
August 23rd: Neuschwanstein
We were a small group today. We were punctual and polite and we pretty much sailed thru the day. The weather was changeable and the rain finally caught up to us. Thanks for coming!
Clustered out of the rain                          Team Lewis wins the water                                The Princesses
August 25th: Neuschwanstein
We were a great mix of people today. We had many from Spain and Japan. This was one of my most punctual groups of the season. Punctuality = courtesy. Thank you!
King Ludwig ll                     The unicorn tours Europe                    This group gets to follow around a rose
August 27th: Neuschwanstein
It was another one of those days when a good photo opportunity was impossible. But we had a nice day with fantastic weather. Autumn is in the air however.
Above left - no ugly duckling.
Below left - making friends on tour.
August 30th: Neuschwanstein.
What a great group! We were a great group of cardiologists and travelers. There were some great clouds today which made the castle "dreamy."

El Salvador "dream come true" moment.          Papa and Mama from Lebanon with 3 great children.
August 3st: Lindehof Castle
It was a beuatiful day today. Many from the cardiology field were aboard. Thank you for the nice time and the nice weather.

Team "AA" win respect in the geography quiz. A ruling was made by the quiz judge to award the title to Atlanta/Australia
August is history. I met so many great people. I am honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of your travels.
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