2008 April
Clark's Beautiful April People
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Welcome to May and the beautiful people who joined me. It is my first month back at work after a winter of music. Check out the photos!
April 3rd - Neuschwanstein
Springtime in the Alps. But it was a great day! It was so pretty. The best people in the world were on board. Thank you for a nice beginning to my season.
Just married! Congratulations to the couples from Japan and Thailand.
Team Cleveland wins the Geography quiz. Good job!
April 6th: Neuschwanstein
We were 60 beautiful people. Represented were Singapore, India, Mexico, Panama, US, Peru, France, Brazil, Portugal, China, Japan, Italy, UK and Spain. I hope I didn't forget anyone.
It was a great day with fresh snow and clear weather. Thank you for coming.
The Spaniards win the quiz and the bottle of water.
Some were riding in style.
April 7th: Castle Herren Chiemsee
14 brave souls weathered freezing temperatures, wind and snow. The skies cleared later for some really nice scenery. But it was really brutally cold all day.
Fresh snow in the Alps.                                                        The ferry to Frauen Insel.
Thousand year old Linden tree                                Team Texas wins the Geography quiz.
April 10th: Neuschwanstein
83 great people + one dork on the right walking thru the picture. We had some drama today, but we returned with everyone. It was a great day at the castles. There was nice weather as well.
Thanks for coming!
Quiz winners:      The Alpine Snowshoes                    and                               Hitts Kids
Honeymooners - Congratulations
April 12th: Lake St Wolfgang, Austria
It was a little chilly all day. But luckily we stayed dry. It was a very relaxed day. Thank you. We had a little drama with the plumbing but it all worked out ok.
This is the team bus for the World Champion Italy football team. It was our bus today. Dirty Harry was our driver and he is very proud of coach
We arrived at Lake St. Wolfgang. The church was packed. We were thinking that there might be a wedding going on. It was not a wedding.
April 17th: Neuschwanstein
New snow fell overnight. It was a beautiful, pristine day with 70 great people aboard. It was an easy day for me. Thank you all for coming!
Just married! Congratulations                                                 Missy and her cohorts win the water       
April 19th: Linderhof Castle
We were a rather small international group today. The day started with rain and ended in beautiful sunshine. It was a nice relaxing Saturday. Thank you.
Swans at Linderhof castle.

                Team Moskali win the water.
April 24th: Neuschwanstein
Rain was forecasted. But somehow we stayed dry. There were many Italians visiting for their long Liberation holiday weekend. The two from Beijing made it back safely. It was the first time in three years that I left someone.
April 26th: Neuschwanstein
We were a big group from all over the world. It was an Italian holiday weekend and very crowded at the castles. We had a great day. Thank you!
Quiz winners: Team Nevada and The Swan Team
April 27th: Neuschwanstein
It was a busy, busy day! There wasn't time to stop for a proper picture. But it was a "picture perfect" day. Every continent except Antarctica was represented in our group.  Thanks.
Team Finland on the left was given competition from Team Canada in competition for a free bottle of water as well as geography bragging rights.
Newlyweds from Japan. Congratulations !
April 28th: Castle Herren Chiemsee
It was a fantastic day. We had a little trouble with the bus at the end of the day but were not too late getting back to Munich. Thank you for your patience.
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