September 2007
Clark's Beautiful September People
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Welcome to September and the beautiful people who joined me this month.

Oktoberfest is here!
September 1st: Neuschwanstein
We were a nice small group with some fantastic people onboard. It was nice being with you all. It was a great way to start the month.

Newlyweds                                                                  Team Independence
September 3rd: Neuschwanstein
We got lucky on the weather today. I got lucky having so many cool people with me. Thank you for the nice time.
Team Ellis and Team Morgan win the quiz and share the water,
Anna Mickelson and partner. Anna display the Gold Medal she won at the FISA World Rowing Championships in Munich.
September 4th:Neuschwanstein
What do you say to a group that suffered through such miserable weather with such grace?
                                                            THANK YOU!
Quiz winners: Team 1210 and Team Mary/Kerry
September 5th: Neuschwanstein
It is hard to get a proper group picture when the weather is bad. It was awful at Linderhof Castle. But the skies thankfully cleared in the courtyard of Neuschwanstein. It was a great group under sometimes miserable conditions. Thank you. You earned my respect.
Quiz Winners: Team Tulsa and Team Australia

Cool People: Team Boston and Team Texas
Email me your pictures of our tour.
September 7th: Innsbruck, Austria
It was a nice and relaxed day. The weather was nice for a change. We were a very cool, international group.
Team Denver wins the water.                       We had an beautiful early snow in the Alps.
September 8th: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria
Thankfully we were dry at the lake. It rained pretty hard earlier in Salzburg. There has been much high water and some flooding in the Lake Distric of Austria. It has rained and there has been an early snow melt. Languages on board were French, Arabic, Portugese, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Chinese, English and German. Thank you.

Quiz winners Team Nemmers and Team Düsseldorf and a wedding procession at Lake St. Wolfgang.
September 10th: Neuschwanstein
We had pretty good weather at the castle. We were a terrific group. I think there were 12 languages represented. Thank you for a nice day.
Quiz Winners: Team A-Fan and Team Pilot
September 11th: Neuschwanstein
It was bad weather in the morning. The afternoon was nice though. It is hard getting everyone together sometimes. We had two tours at the Castle. There are audio tours in 10 languages and "live" English and German. Above is my Audio tour and the lower picture is my English tour.                                                                                 Such nice people!
Quiz Winners: Team Finland and Team Canada.
September 12th: Neuschwanstein

(For all of you who endured terrible weather while on tour with me - don't look).

We were greeted with the most beautiful early fall weather.  It was fantastic. Our group was also great. It was nice to see the sunshine.
Quiz Winners: Team Canada/Team Deutschland and Team Parson.
Just Married! San Diego and Kazakhstan
Team Wisconsin
September 13: Linderhof and Neuschwanstein
I took two pictures. I wanted proof that the sun was out ALL DAY!
Thank you for coming.
Team Indiana/Texas
September 14th: Innsbruck
It was just a great, mellow day. This was my smallest group of the year. We had very nice weather with fresh snow in the Alps.
Onboard were Toronto, New Jersey, California, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico and Venezuela
September 17th: Linderhof Castle
A fine day it was. We were a small group with more than a few "characters." It was an easy day for me. Thank you.

Winners: Team Good Girls and Team Johnson
September 18th: On the ship at Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria
How can I explain how awful the weather was? I can't. 56 great people endured the rain. We managed to have a good time but this group deserved better. Thank you to one of the bravest and toughest groups of the season.
September 19th: Neuschwanstein
This was a nice fall day. This is a look at Marienbrücke from the courtyard of the castle.
It was a very busy day. It was a great group. Be thankful for the weather.
September 21st: Neuschwanstein
The weather could not have been better. We were a big group mostly from Japan, China, Spain and the US.  Thanks for coming and thanks for the weather.
My son Ty and his wife Jane were with us on tour.
September 26th: Hotel Müller parking lot
Nice people, dreadful weather. What can I say? It was cold, wet and foggy. Everybody talks about the weather. Why doesn't someone do something about it?
Neuschwanstein from below.                      Mary's Bridge in fog                         Quiz winners: Team Mapleton
September 28th: Neuschwanstein
It was very rainy in the morning. Luckily the weather cleared in the afternoon for some great scenery at the castle and of the Alps. Thanks for toughing it out.
Quiz winners: Team Grant from Virginia
September 29th: Neuschwanstein
What a difference a day makes. We were greeted with a fantastic fall day. What a nice group of people as well.
Quiz Winners: Team Melbourne and Team Chicago
September ends on a high note. The weather is great. Oktoberfest is especially festive. The fall colors are fantastic this year.
Thank you all for coming this September. Thank you all who toughed it out in sometimes awful weather.
Some views from the Pöllatschlucht.
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