October 2007
Clark's Beautiful October People
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Welcome to October and to the beautiful people who joined me this month.

Email me your pictures of our tour.  clark@munichclark.com
October 1st: Linderhof Castle
Look at the weather. Look at the beautiful people. Today was a good day. Thank you!
Just married!
October 2nd: Neuschwanstein
Another fantastic fall day. Super people aboard as well. Thank you!
Just married !                                                                                      Quiz Champs: Team Farmers
October 3rd: Neuschwanstein Castle
We did the day in reverse starting at Neuschwanstein and ending at Linderhof.  Another great group on a great day.

Quiz Winners: Team J & J. A Yank/Brit team wins the water.     Team Olivia: Great baby and parents
October 4th: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria
It was pretty much a gray day all day. But the clouds were low and dreamy on the lake. It was a nice group today with more than half having been with me to Neuschwanstein.
The Austrian Alps in clouds                                       The elephant on the rock face
October 5th: Oberammergau
The cows were especially vocal. They don't like the idea of being brought in from the pasture for the winter.
I had a great day with the successful Summit group. The sun came out for Neuschwanstein even though it rained all day in Munich. Thank you Bill and Linda, Staff and guests for having me .
Successful and geographical !!!  The Bowrons, Judy Maki, Team Chinchilla-Menendez and Team Bourchard.
Thank you for a great day!!!
October 6th: Lake St Wolfgang, Austria
What a cool group! It was pretty overcast all day but no rain. This group brought its own sunshine. Thank you all for a nice day. 
Views from the Mirabella Gardens
October 11th: Hotel Müller, Hohenschwangau
It was nice and sunny this afternoon. I had friends Shaun and Harold with me. Thank you for coming!
That all folks for this season. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoyed looking back on our day of touring.
Thank you who have written me. Also thank you who have purchased my album or downloaded  thru ITunes.

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