2007 July
Clark's Beautiful July People
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Welcome to July and the beautiful people who joined me this month.

Summer is here!
July 2nd: Neuschwanstein
What can a say........a great group enduring the worst weather. These guys were built tough and earned my respect.
Winners of my quiz: Washington state on the left and Australia on the right.
July 3rd: Linderhof Castle
It was a nice, international group today. Notice the sunshine in the picture? That would disappear quickly in the afternoon as a rain storm caught us by surprise. I forgot to give the answer to my quiz. Hint: Princess Grace
4th of July: Linderhof Castle
The weather was like March with the wind swirling and rain mixing with sun. We got pretty lucky and stayed dry.
Winners: Alex and family and Jen and family
July 6th: Neuschwanstein
I didn't get a really good group photo. But I did have a stellar group. We dodged the rain all day. Had a break in the weather at Neuschwanstein. Thank you for being my guests.
Quiz winners:
George -  American champ, The Burchs'  - German speaking champions and Reet and Aleks - European champs.
July 7th: Linderhof Castle
It was a great group and a really nice mix of people. I had fun. The weather could have been better but all in all a really nice day. Thanks for coming.
A day of hard work and a water well earned!
July 9th: Neuschwanstein

Once or twice a year the weather is so bad that I can't get the group together for a photo because we are fleeing the rain.

July 9th was such a day. It was the most horrific weather of my 4 years of guiding. But the toughness and bravery of the group was amazing. I have seldom seen a group so intent on having a nice day under constant rain and cold. I heard no whining or discouraging words.

Ladies and gentleman, I am proud to have been your guide today - Clark
David and Henry won the water. Even my camera was wet.
Juy 10th: Neuschwanstein
It was a terrific group today. It was unseasonably cool but at least it didn't rain the whole day. Thanks for coming.

Genius earns Evian.
July 11th: On the road from Neuschwanstein
It was a great group. We were rushed a little with an unexpected detour on the way to Neuschwanstein but we all made it up to the castle.  Cincinnati Christian won the quiz. A great day it was.

Friday the 13th: Neuschwanstein
This photo was taken seconds before I was almost hit by a bus backing up. (Notice the woman at the bottom left warning me). An international group were we. It was also the first day of nice weather after a month of rain. Thank you all.
Quiz champions: Team California, Team France and Team Japan.
July 14th Neuschwanstein
It was a cool group at 30C or 90F. It was beautiful and sunny with beautiful and sunny people. Come back every day!
Winners: Una, Taylor(or Ben, or whoever you are) Lee & family and driver Milo
July 16th: Royal Castle Tour
The weather was so nice and the group was soooooooooo photogenic. I took two pictures. Thank you for a nice time.
Jim and Maureen take the prize
July 17th: Neuschwanstein
It was an absolutely beatiful summer day. We were also a group of very cool and savvy travelers. Thanks for coming and for bringing the nice weather.
Quiz winners: Die Elizabethan's and Luaba and Dima
July 18th: Neuschwanstein
On the road with a great group. Another very nice day graced us. We had newlyweds in the house and the Smith's won the hotly contested Alps quiz.
July 20th: Eagles Nest
Hot as blazes! 41 of us endured 100 degree temperatures. Thank you all for not getting cranky.
Cleta and Jamie win the water.
(They also bought me dinner a couple days later. Thank you! See you again around Christmas).
California helped get us all aboard. Thank you
July 21st & 22nd
I took a couple days off for a big birthday party for Martina's mom. Lucci her brother made a surprise visit from Lucerne, Switzerland.
Cristl, Lucci and Werner drink a toast.
July 23rd: Linderhof Castle
It was a spectacular day with savvy travelers, beautiful women and darn nice weather.
Laurie from Arizona wins Evian.
Thanks for a nice day ladies.
Harold wins Evian as well.
Cows loose on the road and feeling frisky.
July 24th: Linderhof Castle
We were 74 great people from all over the globe (including Independence High from San Jose).
We had a little sun, wind and rain but heck, "We're on vacation."
The Russian girls who are not only beautiful, but intellegent. They speak 4 languages and have very bright futures.
Winners: Jamin and Leo.
Winner: Ann..
  Winner Tom..
June 27th: Innsbruck
What a nice day. We were a small group under beautiful weather. All day in the Alps with classical music in the background.
Winners from Australia and Bavaria     Winners from Canada 
June 28th: Neuschwanstein    It was one of those days.

This is my typical day log. How many, which languages and how much tickets will cost at each destination.  4 English, 18 Spanish, 18 Italian, 10 Mandarin, 6 Japanese, 6 Russian, 1 French and 10 children.

But then I needed to subtract 6 Italian who by mistake got on my bus with the intention of going to Salzburg. They took the train back to Munich from Oberammergau.  Sorry.
July 30th: Linderhof
It was a good day. I needed a good day! Nice weather, nice people and all considerate of each other. Thank you.
Winners: Team Orlando, Team Jersey along with my Inglemoor High homeboy w/family.
July 31st: Linderhof Castle
Brrrr, it's cold! We stayed dry however. We were a nice, very international group. Everyone was on time and positive. Thank you.
Winners: Team Phoenix and Team Gil.
For the second day in a row, a homeboy from Inglemoor High and son - The Peltonen's
So ends July. What fantastic people I had the honor to guide. I hope you had a nice time as well -Clark
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