2007 August
Clark's Beautiful August People
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Welcome to August and the beautiful people who joined me this month.

Summer is here!
August 1st: Neuschwanstein
Spain, South America and Central America were in the house 23 strong. We also had a nice mix of native English speakers and Japanese. Also 3 Italians. It was a great day. It was cool and sunny which is a nice break for a lot of people suffering harsh summers.

August 3rd: Linderhof Castle
We were a great group today. The weather was changeable as the photo shows. But we didn't get too wet. Thanks for coming!

Team Isabella worked on the quiz most the day.  Their efforts  were rewarded with Evian.
King Ludwig ll. Thanks for my job!
August 4th: Linderhof Castle
A summer day at its best. Not too hot but great beer garden and touring weather. Cool people were on board today.
Hugo, Alex, Dina and Susanne teamed up They all got a sip.

Christopher did it with pure genius.
Team Vancouver did it with STYLE.
North Carolina in the house.
Hey, check out www.myspace.com/lakelandmusic. Jeremy the bass player in the back.
Cool band!!!!!
My day ended with friends at the Augustiner Biergarten.
August 6th: Linderhof Castle
We were 66 on a journey today. The temperature was in the 90's F. The bus got a little warm. The cool thing was that we were all on time so we could be rolling with the A/C on. Punctuality is being considerate. Well done!
August 7th: Neuschwanstein
72  great people were on tour today. We had a Spanish/Japanese/Mandarin tour and an English tour. The forecast was for lightning and thunder. We escaped most of it. Thank you all for a nice day.

August 10th: Innsbruck
It was a nice sunny day in Austria while it was raining in Munich. The Alps are unpredictable. I had one native English speaker. We had every continent represented.
August 11th: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria
It was not the best weather. We were a group of 70. This was my largest group ever to Salzburg. Everyone was on time and we were in a good mood despite the rain.
August 13th: Linderhof Castle
It was about as fine a day as it gets. And so many nice, savvy adventurers. We sailed thru one of the busiest days of the year at Neuschwanstein. 
All the Italians are in Germany and all the Germans are in Italy.
Team Alex wins the water             Haylee took care of grandma                   Italy at its finest
August 14th: Neuschwanstein Castle
It was a very busy day. It is a major holiday week with Ascension day on Wednesday. We were 77 really interesting people. Thank you all for coming.

Team Tedesco                                                             Team Zimmerman

   Newlywed Zebrzycki                               Newlywed McCarthy's                                Yao Ming on tour
August 15th: Neuschwanstein
Ascension Day found Neuschwanstein to be visited by hordes from Spain and Italy. We had a beautiful, warm day. Thank you for coming.
Lara and family win the water.                                       Columbia's loss is Houston's gain. Mercy!
August 17th: Eagle's Nest

Why is it sometimes the best groups get the worst weather? In short, it was brutal. There was rain and cold and no view.

But we had Norway onboard. We had newlyweds. Malta was in the house. Team England won water. North Carolina was on their third trip with me. It was a great mix of people.

Thanks you all for making the best of things.

August 18th. Linderhof Castle
It was a darn nice day with some great folks! High tourist season makes one appreciate a group of calm and interesting people. Thank you.

Nebraska: Thank you for your service and for the dip :)                     Happy Birthday!
August 20th: Linderhof Castle
We were a small and brave group. Rain, or the threat of rain, was a constant throughout the day. However it was somewhat dry in the afternoon during our tour of Neuschwanstein.
Honeymooners                                   Team Ben wins the water                    Previous winner Alex kept mum
August 21st: Neuschwanstein
It was one of those days when I could not get us all together for a picture. It is high season and I had to hustle Italian, German and English groups to their destinations with tickets in hand. I am sorry I don't have a picture because I had the nicest group.
Neuschwanstein from the new road from Marienbrücke.          Princess Dagmar wins the water.
August 22nd: Linderhof Castle
It was a great "multi-culti" day with the entire globe represented. Not bad weather either. You were a fantastic group. Thank you!

Quiz winners:       Andrew and Tsung-yu`                              Team Ground-level.
August 23rd: Linderhof Castle
We were a small group today of 40 English speakers. It was very crwded at the castle and I had to keep us ahead of two other buses from our company. I had a nice time meeting you. Come back!
Get onboard for that special touring experience :)                          A mobile office in the baggage area.
August 24th: Innsbruck, Austria
It was one of my best trips to Tyrol. We were a great mix of people and the weather thru the Alps was fantastic.
Margaret wins the water.
Jack and Ruth Ann survived 4 tours with me. Thank you for your friendship. See you in North Carolina. Keep dancing!
August 25th: Linderhof Castle
It was hard keeping on schedule because of traffic jams and hoards of tourists. But our group took the day in stride. We were 8 different languages including 33 people from Japan. Arigato!
August 27th: Linderhof Castle
What a nice group and a terrific day as well. The crowds are beginning to thin and every day is a little more relaxed. Thank you for a nice day!

Winners: Janet-Team Denver                                                  Milwaukie Brewers
Aug 28th: Neuschwanstein
It was a big group today. I had 21 Spanish speakers as well as many Japanese, Mandarin and Italian. We had English speakers as well. It was a pretty easy day for me because everyone was considerate in 8 languages.
August 29th: Neuschwanstein
Luckily we had nice weather most of the afternoon at the castle. The morning at Linderhof was pretty gray and wet. Thank you for keeping your spirits up.
Ron wins the water with the help of Laura, Mason and Oliver. Also an assist goes to Iris from Hannover.
August 31st: Linderhof Castle
What a great day! It was about an equal mix of Spanish, Italian, Japanese and English speakers. Thank you for a nice day.
And so ends August. It was hard work helping my people enjoy themselves with the pressures of the crowds of summer. In most cases I succeeded.

Thank you for coming. And thank you to those who have written and signed my Guestbook.

Also, thank you for purchasing my CD or downloading my music thru ITunes - Clark
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