2007 May
Clark's Beautiful May People
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Welcome to May and the beautiful people who joined me. It is my first month back at work after a winter of music. Check out the photos!
May 1st: Lake St Wolfgang. Let's see....Australia, Egypt, China, Britain, Canada, USA, Palistine, India, Russia, Guatemala and the Baltic all were in the bus and on the town of Salzburg. Thank you all for a great start to my season!
May 2nd: Neuschwanstein. My first tour of the Royal Castles this season. 62 great people were onboard.
A traffic jam started the morning but then it was smooth sailing. Thanks all.
May 3rd: Royal Castle Tour. 42 fun people made the trek with me. The weather is changing. It hadn't rained in six weeks and we got a few drops today. Thank you for a nice day
"Team Weaver"  wins the coveted bottle of water.
May 4th: Linderhof Castle. The weather held out and it was a great day. 57 English speakers and more than a few characters. 
A considerate and savvy group were we. It was a nice day. Thanks!
Karen wins the geography quiz and the coveted bottle of water.
The Wyants' celebrate 10 years together.
May 5th: Lake St Wolfgang.  We could not believe our luck. We dodged the rain at every stop. Whoever brought the luck - Thank you!
May 7th: Royal Castle Tour.  33 of us and just a great group. It was like a day off for me and I was just hanging with some cool people. Thank you!
Vlad wins the water.
May 8th: Neuschwanstein. It rained at Linderhof so I couldn't get a good picture. Then at Hohenschwangau I spaced out. So here is a brief montage of the guests of the day.
May 8th
May 10: Linderhof Castle. 80 of us on tour this day. Savvy and energetic people were from all over and of all ages. We had great weather as well. Thank you for a great day!
These warning signs are a little bit graphic. You might have seen them at Marienbrücke.
May 11th: Linderhof Castle. It was another easy day for me. We were chronically on time and everyone seemed to be having a good day.. The weather was pretty good as well. Thank you!
Frisco John
Jersey Kellie & mother
33 years together
Water Recipients:
May 14th: Linderhof Castle. It was a great group today. Why I get paid to hang out and cavort with such nice people is a question I don't want you to ask my boss. Thank you all for the great day.
NY Andrew wins the water. He is a pretty nice guy for a Yankee fan.
May 15th Neuschwanstein. I spaced out and left my camera at home. That was just the start of things. I ran all around Linderhof looking for three people who were ON THE BUS already.Duh ! We had a little rain as well.

The highlights were many. Numerous people went the extra effort to see the castle despite the stairs and hills. Eastside Katrina spent the day figuring out the 8 nations that border the Alps and was hydrated for her efforts. The State of Washington was in the house as was South Africa, Turkey, UK, US, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Japan, China, Croatia, Russia and Germany. All in all, a great day.
And this is for my best buddy William Forrester on Vashon Island. He turns 50 this month. I won't be able to come to the party.
If you can't come either, then we should at least write Will and give our best wishes to an incredible artist, friend, husband and farmer.
Please send Will a birthday email here
May 17th:
Neuschwanstein. The Rain and the Secret Room
Thanks for being tough! Caution: When the guide tells you he is from Seattle - get the raincoat ready.
Just married and winners of Clark's CD.
The Parsons from Bristol.
May 18: Neuschwanstein. We were multi-culti today. It is really cool to have 14 languages on the tour. The sun came out  which was a nice bonus as well. It is a 4 day weekend with many from France and Italy visiting Bavaria.
Italy was in the house.
Answer to quiz:              Monaco
May 19th: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria. It was an absolutely beautiful day, with beautiful people and I must say - beautiful women.
On the drive home, driver Thomas and I pulled a lady out of her car on the autobahn. Her car was facing traffic after careening off a barrier.Her car was leaking gas. Luckily she was unharmed.
Texas A&M Concert band in Mozart's Square.
May 21st: Linderof Castle. I got to be on holiday today with 38 cool people. The weather was fantastic and there were no crowds. A great day!
Chris & Angela win my CD!
The England football team bus
Dana & David. David made the trip up the hill twice.
May 22nd: Neuschwanstein. It was an eventful day. Awful weather greeted us at Linderhof. But the weather got better in the afternoon at Neuschwanstein. A nice group and congratulations to Dan and Susan.
Winners of my Geography Quiz CD.
Jack & Mary - a fine couple.
World famous magician Joshua Jay with mother
Dan proposed to Susan in the courtyard of Neuschwanstein. Susan said YES.
May 23rd: Linderhof Castle. It was a beautiful day. We had a little rain scare in the afternoon but it didn't come to anything. It was a great group today.
Kati and Marianna win the quiz.
May 24th: Neuschwanstein. We were a group of 69 on a warm, sunny day. It looked like thunder for awhile but we escaped it. It was really a terrific group. We were on time, friendly and the first to arrive everywhere. Thanks.
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54 years together
Jessica takes home the prize
May 25th: Eagles Nest. It was a great day. 46 of us tried out a new restaurant. Then we made it up to the Eagles Nest for a great view. A terrific group. Thank you.
May 26th: Neuschwanstein. It was a pretty nice day. We had a sudden rain storm at the castle but it cleared. Some of us got pretty wet. Thanks.
At the last second, 4 guests came up with the answer to my quiz to win CD's. I had to pay up. I am now really a poor, starving artist. Somehow, I feel the aura of my Aussie friend inspired some answers :)
May 28th: Linderhof Castle. It was a little chilly with the weather changing. There were so many cool and diverse people today. Thank you for coming.
50 years together
Forever young
Smart and pretty
May 29th: Neuschwanstein. Ladies and gentlemen, this was the worst touring weather in memory. It was freezing, wet, gray and continuous. We had all 65 tough it out and make the trip to the castle though.
Geography Quiz winners
May 30th: Linderhof Castle. Finally, nice weather. We were agreat international group of 68. Everyone was on time and positive. It was a great day.
Fresh snow in the Alps
May 31st: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria. 47 great people from all over the globe were together today. The weather was nice and Salzburg was somewhat quiet and free from hustle-bustle. Thank you.
So ends May. We saw extremes of weather but it was a calm month for travel. Thank you all -Clark
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