2007 June
Clark's Beautiful June People
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Welcome to June and the beautiful people who joined me this month.

Summer is here!
June 1st: Linderhof Castle
We had some rain but it could have been worse. It was a pretty tough bunch today. We had to leave 3 behind. A couple and their college-aged daughter got separated. (He hired a taxi to drive to the castle and they all proceeded to the train)
Quiz Winners!  Amy and Jenn                       Laurie and Matt                                 John and Judy
This fine couple was sitting behind me. They said that they intentionally left their camera at home. So this picture is proof that they were here.
June 2nd: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria.
What a lucky day. Rain was expected but we cruised the entire day without a drop. 21 of us had a good time.
A fiaker horseman in Mozartplatz
Luke and Belinda on honeymoon
June 5th: Linderhof Castle
43 guests and 9 languages were on tour. We dodged the rain successfully. It was a nice day. Thanks.
June 6th: Linderhof Castle.
A bunch of characters were on tour today. It was a fabulous group. Thank you.
Cool Aussies
Anna and Phillip with John. John even Signs with an Irish accent. Thanks Anna.
June 8th: Innsbruck
It was a nice warm and relaxing day. We had a pretty good thunder storm on the way home though.
Ted and Toby win the water.
South Park's Mr. Hankey?
Rules before entering Dom St. Jacob
June 11th: Neuschwanstein
69 beautiful people were onthe bus. A half hour after this photo was taken a violent thunder/rain storm hit. There were some great people onboard today.
Holly & EJ with their Evian water winnings. A hard fought international battle it was :)
July 12th: Neuschwanstein
My biggest group ever was today. Every seat was taken plus babies were in laps. We had rain in Linderhof but the sun came out in the afternoon. LaGrange, Texas was in the house along with 14 other languages.
Cody and Tony learned about geography. I expect great things from these two winners.
June 13th: Linderhof Castle
We had nice weather until a violent thunder/rain storm hit while we were atop the mountain at Neuschwanstein. A tough group it was on the anniversary of King Ludwig's death.
It was a battle royal over my geography quiz. These six groups were part of the most competitive game of the year.
June 15th: Linderhof Castle
The weatherman predicted the worst. We got off lucky with a little rain at the end of the tour. A young lady guest fell down and went with her party to the hospital. She had a few stitches.
June 16th: Lake St. Wolfgang
We defied the weather forecast by having nice weather all day. It was a great day. Teacher Clark and crew from Springfield, Oregon were very cool. Thank you all.
A Complicated Cake album goes to a complicated couple of guys who win the Geography Quiz. Thanks, you were a delight.
June 19th: Linderhof Castle
We were a small group today. The weather was beautiful even though the weatherman predicted rain. It was an easy day with nice people.
My youngest winner with proud papa.
June 19th: Neuschwanstein Castle
It was warm and nice today and it was not too crowded. Another easy day for me and our driver Robert Redford.

CJ and Max win the water
June 20th: Linderhof Castle
It was a nice warm day with a multi-cultural group. Everyone was positive and showed each other respect by being punctual. Thank you for coming.

Quiz winners Thomas and Ingrid with proud parents.
June 22nd: Innsbruck
We were a fantastic group. But we were hit with thunder showers near the end of the day. (Sorry about that). Still, it was an enjoyable, relaxing day.
June 23rd: Neuschwanstein
The forecast was rain. It didn't happen. We deserved some luck. We were a large, international group of nice, savvy travelers.
June 25th: Linderhof Castle
We were a nice English speaking group enjoying some nice weather in the morning. The rain and lightning tried to slow us down in the afternoon. But we were not to be hindered. Thank you for a nice day.
John wins the water
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June 26th: Linderhof Castle
It was a terrific day. Why? It did not rain and thunder like the weatherman predicted. Plus there were many really cool people onboard. Nice day, thanks.

Quiz winners Hayley, Abbey (with some help from a lady plus Jack, mum and dad).
June 27th: Linderhof Castle
69 people and 21 were teens. The future is with the young and those with us today have it all together.
It was a very nice day with a great mix of people.
Winners Karmyn and mother
Winners Team Norway
Cheeseheads on tour
June 29th: Innsbruck
It was a small group and a very relaxing day. We traveled in the Argentina World Cup bus.
June 30th. Linderhof Castle
It was the maiden voyage of our new castle bus. It is a double-decker and equipped with an audio tour system in 8 languages.
Our driver Erol (seated in front) has been honored with driving the new transport daily.
It was a nice day and a great way to end the month of June. Thank you for coming.
Mikie from Japan was the first guest to board our new bus. She received a complimentary bottle of water from Erol and me.
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