Thank you for spending the day with me. I hope it was a good day for you.

September brought Oktoberfest and a lot of fun people who sported more than a few hangovers. It was our best month of the summer for weather

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Once again it was my pleasure spending the day with you!

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September 1: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria.  Now this is the way to start September! Beautiful weather, interesting guests and everyone having a nice time. Thank you!
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September 4: Linderhof Castle.  Today was like a vacation day for me. Everyone was so nice to me. We had a nice small group and nice weather prevailed. Thank you!
September 5: Linderhof Castle.  Wow, I have a great job!  I get to hang out with the nicest people in the world. Plus - sunshine all day.
September 7: Linderhof Castle. Not a cloud in the sky. This was a "multi-culti" group. Today we were considerate and punctual in six languages.
September 9: Lake St Wolfgang, Austria. September keeps getting better and better. This group came for fun and we had plenty. Thank you.
September 10: Innsbruck, Austria. We experienced the "Föhn" over the Alps. Almost everyone had a wonderful time  :)  Thank you for your support. Vielen Dank. Sie waren sehr nett!
September 10: Linderhof Castle.  We had a nice day. There were 15 nations represented in our group. Thanks for coming to Bavaria.
September 11: Royal Castle Tour. An odd day for me on a sad anniversary. I lost these two beautiful woman from D.C.  That NEVER happened before. Sorry!  At the end of the day I photographed this rainbow after the rain storm.
September 14. Neuschwanstein Castle. A wonderful day at the castles. Fall is in the air and there are less crowds. This was a great group.
September 15: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria. I t doesn't get much better than this. We were a very smart and friendly international group. Thank you!
September 16: Berchtesgaden. The weather forecast was bad. But the weather was glorious! We had a great view from the Eagle's Nest. Thank you all.
Septemer 17: Neuschwanstein.  Let's just say it - the weather was awful. But we persevered and a nice day was had by all.  This was a very international group with Asia representing two-thirds us.
September 19. Neuschwanstein Castle.  Photo taken just before lunch. If you listen closely you can hear stomachs growling. This was an easy day for me. Nice people, good weather and everyone out for a good time. Thank you!
September 21: Linderhof Castle. Thank goodness the weather was nice. We spent a little extra time here because of a breakdown of our double-decker bus. Another bus came and we continued. This was a very gracious group of guests.
Closeup of the broken thing-a-majig.
September 23: Linderhof Castle. One of the prettiest days of the year. A great group of people along with a surprise high school classmate.  A good day for all.
September 24: Linderhof. I never get tired of coming to the Castles. Everyday is different. Another great fall day with thoughful people from around the world. Thank you.
September 25:Linderhof Castle. I like my job!  Intelligent and courteous adventurers were on my tour today.  We were rewarded by beautiful weather.
September 26: Berchtesgaden. Against all odds, the view from Eagle's Nest was great. This was a great day for me. We were a small group and the weather was warm and nice. Thank you!
September 27: Royal Castle Tour. This was a group with great character. The weather was not nice but nary the discouraging word was heard. It was an easy day for me because everyone was punctual and upbeat. Thanks!
September 28: Linderhof Castle. We were lucky. It wanted to rain but we just didn't allow it. Good group! Some beautiful women and a few guys with hang-overs
September 29: Lake St Wolfgang, Austria. An accident on the Autobahn diverted us to side roads. We were an hour late to Salzburg. Everyone went with the flow and we were REALLY lucky with the weather. Thanks!
September 30: Berchtesgaden. What a great day we had! 90% rain was forecasted but we had a stunning view and new snowfall at Eagle's Nest. Thank you for a nice day.
And so September ends. The 2005 season end draws near. I will be Seattle/Nashville bound for some months. I have some new things up my sleeve. Check back from time to time.
September 05
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