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October 2: Linderhof Castle.  I must be honest. This was possibly the worst day of our season. It was wet and cold and then the weather got worse. This group showed that fun can be had no matter. Thank you!
October 3: Eagle's Nest. A great group. We lucked out. We had a dreamy view from the Nest. Nobody took the choo-choo train home.
Eagle's Nest in fog
Untersberg above the clouds.
The lower level was interesting on the way home from Chiemsee.
October 4: Linderhof Castle. Another lucky day. We had fog but no rain. It was a nice mellow day for me. Thank you!
October 5: Linderhof Castle.  We were a group of 70. We had beautiful weather. The fall colors were fabulous. So was this group. Thanks.
October 6: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria.  We had very nice weather that really showed off the fall colors. There was no stop & go on the Autobahn which made for smooth sailing the entire day.
October 7: Linderhof Castle. The weather is getting colder but we had a clear day at Neuschwanstein. This was a nice group. Thank you all !
October 8: Linderhof Castle. Where did all the people come from? The castles were jammed packed with people from all over the world. We managed to get it all done without too much trouble.
October 9. Linderhof Castle. A beautiful autumn Sunday was enjoyed by all. The Autobahn back to Munich was mired in traffic because everyone was out enjoying the countryside. We took backroads and we were not too late.
October 13: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria.  We had a beautiful day. The sun shone and the fall colors were almost at their peak.
October 15: Linderhof Castle.  What can I say. It was the clearest and most beautiful fall day ever created. What a beautiful place Bavaria is.
Meine Damen und Herren. Ladies and Gentlemen. October 15th is my last tour for the season. Thank you for making my job such a delight.  I will see you again in April. Drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

October 05
Thank you for spending the day with me. I hope it was a good day for you.

October brought the most beautiful autumn that I have ever seen. And the weather was what summer should have been.

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Once again it was my pleasure spending the day with you!
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