May 2nd: Salzbergwerk. 92 degrees. The hottest May 2nd in 100 years.
May 4: Linderhof. The weather cooperated nicely.
May 5: Salzburg. The weather was at times terrible. It was Ascension day and a holiday in Salzburg. Today was proof that a nice time can be had even in the rain.
May 6: Berchtesgaden.  In the morning we saw Hitler's bunker. In the afternoon we worked the salt mines. Vacation is tough work!
Royal Castles May 7.: We dodged the rain. We were very lucky. This is the "Ice Saints" time of May in Bavaria. It is ALWAYS cold.
May 11: On the road to Neuschwanstein. Erol is the BEST driver ever. I am  the WORST photographer. What happened to our picture at Linderhof?
May 12: Salzburg. Beautiful weather in Austria !
April 14: Linderhof. It rained "cats and dogs" by the end of the day. But we were a tough group.
May 17: Lake St Wolfgang. From here we hit three traffic jams. Constantine avoided the Autobahn by driving back to Munich on roads only tractors and haybalers have seen
May 18: Entrance to Neuschwanstein.   I am so sorry that we had the WORST weather ever. But it is easy to have a good time when the sun shines. This wonderful group made the most of it despite the rain. I couldn't take a good group picture because it was too wet to assemble.
May 19: Linderhof Castle. What a difference a day makes. Beautiful sunshine but a bit nippy. There is still snow in the foothills that is usually gone by May. What a terrific group!
May 20: Berchtesgaden.  Later the bus broke down at Chiemsee. But luckily the weather was nice while we waited for another bus to come from Munich to pick us up.
May 21: Castle Linderhof.  Beautiful warm weather and the first group to make the maiden voyage in Jonas'  new bus.
May 22: Linderhof Castle.  There was a threat of rain all day. But positive "vibes" kept the showers away.
May 24: Royal Castles. The skies cleared and the sun graced us. This was a good day!
May 25: Linderhof Castle. The first day of a beutiful 10 day weather forecast. The sky was filled with paragliders in Neuschwanstein.
May 26: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria.  The weather and the alpine lakes at their best. And I helped lift and move an Audi in the bus parking lot so we could exit to come back to München.
May 27: Eagles Nest. Finally the Kehrsteinhaus is open. 45 of us enjoyed a day of sunshine. There is still snow around the Nest. The picture on the right shows Salzburg in the distance.
May 29: Sunny Linderhof. We loaded the bus and took off early from Munich. We avoided the crowds the whole day. My month of May ends with a TERRIFIC group of guests.
Your Guide -Munich Clark
May 05
Thank you for spending the day with me. I hope it was a good day for you.

The month of May in Bavaria saw record highs in temperature, rain and snow. If we were dry on our tour, we should consider ourselves lucky.

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Once again it was my pleasure spending the day with you!
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