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July 1: Just before lunch at Neuschwanstein. What's a little rain when you are at a beautiful place on vacation? Nothing was going to get us down. A great group starts off July.
July 2: Linderhof Castle.  Let's see.... I was given a good idea to a song, I yakked with down-home Country music fans and I got some help from Utah. A great day for me. Thank you!
4th of July: Linderhof.  Sunshine and 90 degrees. Then at 4:30 came a huge rainstorm. But we were already on the bus. It's all about timing.
July 5: Linderhof.  The weather could have been better. But we were a positive group. The sun did come out near the end of the day.
July 6: Neuschwanstein.  This was a great day. Many languages were on board. The weather was nice and not too hot.
July 7: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria.  The weather changed every five minutes. But the boat ride was dry. We had a good time.  52 great guests!
July 8: Innsbruck, Austria.  We had a relaxed day in the Alps. The weather was nice despite the forecast of rain.
July 9: Royal Castles.  I had a great day - nice guys, beautiful and friendly women, no rain. A tough day at the office :)
July 13: Linderhof. Finally sunshine after 4 days of rain. Even the Isar river was at flood stage.
July 14: Royal Castle Tour. The Team America Martial Arts group was so kind as to grace me with their presence.
July 15: Linderhof.  We had a great day along with terrific warm weather. Nice group!  Thanks.
July 18: King Ludwig ll home.  The weather was in the 90's until thunder hit late in the day. The temperature dropped 25 degrees in half an hour.
July 22: Berchtesgaden.  The barometer hit bottom and clouds threatened. But the view from the Eagles Nest was surprisingly good. This was a fun group!
July 23: Picnic. I took the weekend off and indulged in some terrific eating, drinking and conversation.
July 27: Linderhof Castle.  Beautiful Bavarian weather and a very nice "Multi-Culti" mix of people.
July 28: St Gilgen on Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria.  Almost 100 degrees in Salzburg. It cooled off at the lake. A nice day!
July 30: Linderhof Castle.  This was a nice small group of 37 people from 6 continents. But the weather turned bad. Sorry.  Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it.
Thank you for spending the day with me. I hope it was a good day for you.

July was a pretty nice month all in all weather wise.  I hope it didn't rain on us.

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Once again it was my pleasure spending the day with you!
July 05
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