Thank you for spending the day with me. I hope it was a good day for you.

The month of August brought some very cold and rainy weather. There was record flooding as well. I hope you had a nice time even in the rain.

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Once again it was my pleasure spending the day with you!


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August 3: Neuschwanstein. The eternal question: Why does bad weather happen to wonderful people?
August 3. Marienbrücke: Left photo-Castle  Neuschwanstein somewhere in the fog.
August 4: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria. Thank you all!  We dodged the rain and had a terrific day.
August 5: Innsbruck, Austria.  Beautiful weather and nice people out for a day in the Alps.
August 6: Neuschwanstein Castle.  Please Mr Weatherman, be nice to these good people!  It is too early for winter!
August 7: Linderhof Castle. 42 degrees with mixed snow and rain. But we were lucky to be in the bus or in a castle during the worst of it.
August 11: Lake St. Wolfgang. Finally some WONDERFUL weather. Summer at it's best.
August 12; Eagle's Nest. WOW ! Two nice days in a row without rain. A rarity. We had a panoramic view.
August 13: Linderhof Castle . We had a nice day. It was a very international group as well. A few were punctually impaired, but that is August. Thank you for a nice day !
August 14: Royal Castle Tour.  Good news and bad news. Great weather at Neuschwanstein in the morning. But the afternoon got a little wet.   I wish I could have this group everyday. Thank you!
August 15: Royal Castle Linderhof.  On the busiest tourism day of the year, we coasted along smoothly. And it t didn't rain until we were back in Munich.
August 17: Linderhof Castle.  It was a busy day with the castles almost booked to capacity. We had sunshine! Nice weather has been a rare commodity this summer. This group brought luck.
August 18: Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria. What a great day we had! And the weather was incredible. But we don't much like stopping at the border.
August 19: Linderhof Castle.  We had a nice sunny day. We were mostly Spanish, Italian and Japanese visitors. The Canadian family was the only native English speakers on the bus.
August 20: King Ludwig's Castle.  Notice the umbrellas and raincoats. Oh yes, another beautiful 2005 summer day in Bavaria. The rain stopped in Neuschwanstein Castle though.
August 23: Near Linderhof Castle. After 3 days of steady rain, the road to Linderhof is closed. Flooding is expected everywhere in Oberbayern. Good Grief !!!
August 24: The floods kept us from Linderhof Castle. So we saw Hohenschwangau instead. The Garmisch Autobahn was closed so we took backroads.
August 25: St. Gilgen, Austria. This was a terrific group! The weather was good most the day. Twelve different countries were represented in our group. Thank you!
August 28: Neuschwanstein Castle.  It was a pretty quiet Sunday. It rained in Linderhof but by the afternoon we had sunshine. A nice relaxing day.
August 29: Linderhof Castle. Summer arrived at long last. The sky was blue and the sun was hot. Better late than never. This was a really nice group.
August 31: Linderhof Castle. Sunshine, relaxation and a rather quiet day at the Castle. There were some sore feet as usual though. A nice to group with which to end the month of August. Thank you!
Thank you one and all for being my guests. I enjoy what I do because of the wonderful people I meet everyday.
August 05
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