Thank you for spending the day with me. I hope it was a good day for you.

April was a GREAT month! The weather was different every day and there were no crowds to compete with.

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Once again it was my pleasure spending the day with you!


April 11:  Berchtesgaden Salt Mines.We had fun!
April 12:  Linderhof Castle. New snow!
April 14    Lake St. Wolfgang, Austria.  Check out the Alps in the background!
April 16:  Mozart's Platz, Salzburg. 70 degree weather!
April 18: Berchtesgaden, Bavaria.  California was in the house!
April 19: On the way to Neuschwanstein.
Marienbrücke (Mary's Bridge) above Neuschwanstein Castle.
April 21: More snow. Later the sun came out.  Brrr!
April 22: On the road to Obersalzberg. That would be sunshine!
April 23: Neuschwanstein and ready for lunch.  Oops on the photography.
My new best friends from Ireland. You can't see too well by my picture, but spelled out on the four Bavarian hats is: Clark - Snyder - Dot - Com. Thank you for the great surprise!
April 24: Entrance to Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
April 25:  Berchtesgaden before we picked up some wet people in Chiemsee.
My Camera malfunctioned on the 26th. Sorry. Remember this view?
April 29th: I wasn't scheduled to work but I was glad I did. Small group and wonderful people. Thank you.
April 30th: Linderhof.  79 great people. Finally some warm weather!
Augustiner Biergarten with Mia and Anna.
And so ends April 2005. I spend every day with intelligent, motivated and curious people. And sometimes I get lucky and meet beautiful women. It's tough being me. Come back soon!
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