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County Q Productions:
These recordings were done at Paul Scholten's County Q Studios in Nashville. We were able to Skype into the control room in order to shape the project. As you will hear, Paul and his session players are the very best. It's Paul you hear on percussion as well.
Mike Willis
It was a long search for the right singer for these songs. Once I heard samples of Mike Willis, I knew his was the voice for the project. He is a great Nashville talent and pro.
The Box: 
I wanted a different interpretation of this song that I recorded on my '6' EP.  Boy, did I get it !

The Box
Home to You:
I wrote this with the talented 
and creative Paul Jarvis. He's a 
good friend and a force in the 
Seattle songwriter community. 

Home to You
                       "Americana with a passport." 

Clark's music is: Folk without Birkenstocks, Country without a truck and Rock without a Marshall amp. Will Rogers meets Abba" - Alice Springs, Australia
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