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Here are some pictures of celebrities who I've been told I look like or sound like. 
Phil Lesh 
Grateful Dead

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                                        Clark and long lost siblings
Twins Craig and Charlie Reed. "I Will Walk 500 Miles"
Buddy Holley 
Michael Caine
Nigel Lythgoe
Stewart Copeland
Police drummer
Thomas Haden Church 
Richard Branson - Virgin   


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The Clank Brothers 
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 Clark Gable 
Chevy Chase 
Clark Griswald
Christopher Reeve
Sig Hansen
Deadliest Catch
     Gary Busey
Hugh Laurie
Jerry Springer
Tom Petty
Dave Clark Five.
Warren Zevon
Jeff Goldblum
Steve Winwood
Donald Sutherland
Don Imus
Stephen King
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